Who I Am

A few words about me and about how I work

Muriel_506x549If you are interested in renting my villa, you will certainly get in touch with me personally and we will have several contacts by phone or email, until your arrival to Villa Cassiopee and even after.So, I think maybe you would like to know a little bit more about me and about how I work.

My name is Muriel and I live in the famous town of Waterloo in Belgium. I am Belgian (from French father and Dutch mother), I spent part of my youth in Spain, my husband is Greek and I have three children of 17, 15 and 10 years old.

I speak French, Spanish, English and Greek fluently and my Italian is not bad...

After studying French and Spanish philology and translation of Spanish writers, after teaching French and Spanish literature to teenage students and the beauties and traps of French and Spanish languages to foreigners, after working several years for the Agriculture Section of the Embassy of Argentina in Brussels, after raising my three children, I have finally found a job that combines my passion for languages, for real estate, for cosmopolitan contacts and for Greece: I rent my luxurious villa on the island of Skiathos to clients coming from all over the world and I try to offer them the most luxurious holiday.

In my opinion, it is important for a person who wishes to rent a villa that he doesn’t know at all to find someone who will carefully listen to him and who will answer to his questions and his needs. That’s why I am very happy when my future guests call me and I invite them to do so. I always try to give them the most detailed, accurate and honest information about my villa.

After their arrival, I always send a welcome message to make sure that my villa meets their expectations. If they have some specific needs, I try to satisfy them, in a reasonable way, et I am joinable at any moment in case of problem.

From the moment I receive your first enquiry to the moment you leave Villa Cassiopee, my team on-site and I will be there to inform you and to help you.