This blog aims to be evidence for the gorgeous island of Skiathos to those who did not yet have the opportunity to visit and to help those who decided to stay there for the first time, either in our villa or elsewhere in the island.

In these pages, we will share with you our favourites and experiences (positive as well negative).
If you already know Skiathos, if you have experienced exquisite moments etched on your mind, funny stories to tell, nice pictures or any advice, feel free to forward and send us your comments and anecdotes.

You have already stayed in our villa holidays and you found nice places or on the contrary, some restaurants, bars, beaches do not seem advisable, let us support your view.


Skiathos is an island of 48 km2, with 44 km coastline and more than 60 beaches. It is one of the Sporades group located north of the island of Evia, in the northern Aegean Sea. Other Sporades islands: Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros.